Before the rally

🔴 Limitation of all social interactions: starting from 2 weeks before the rally, please limit your physical contacts in order to reduce the risks of contamination;
🔴 D-2 PCR Test: the organizer will ask every participant to provide a negative PCR test dating back from D-2 before their boarding for Jeddah.
🔴 Flu shot: it is mandatory for all participants to get a flu shot, hence lifting doubts in case of appearance of symptoms that can be similar to the ones of the COVID-19.

  1. Arrival in Jeddah (from December, 28th 2020 to January, 2nd 2021)

🔴 First 48 hours: after your landing in Jeddah, a period of 48 hours of self-isolation will be asked from the Saudi authorities, with strict limitation of all your movements and social interactions, at the end of which you must carry out a PCR test (a specific communication related to the appointment procedure will be released later on);
🔴 Organizer – PCR Test: during the scrutineering, the organizer will set up a mandatory PCR testing on January, 1st and 2nd allowing the participants to access the sanitary bubble of the rally (Cf. III. Entry in the sanitary bubble). Participants who arrive in Jeddah after December, 29th will therefore only need to take the Organizer – PCR test.
🔴 Sanitary gears: a sanitary kit with masks and sanitizing gel in sufficient quantities will be distributed to all the participants during the scrutineering;
🔴 Limited access: only competitors, assistance teams, medias and members of the organization will be allowed within the venues of the administrative and technical scrutineering;
🔴 Strict limitation of movement: Participants must limit their movement to the strict essentials (hotels, scrutineering venues, onloading park, Shakedown, Prolog) and respect the sanitary rules at all times;
🔴 Strict limitation of social interactions: Participant must limit their social interaction to the members of their own team and the members of the organization dedicated to the scrutineering and respect the sanitary rules at all times.

  1. During the rally

🔴 Negative PCR Tests: people who can provide deux negative PCR tests only will be allowed to enter the sanitary bubble and get their accreditation giving access to the bivouac. The first test will be provided by the participants and date back from 48 hours before their arrival in Saudi Arabia. The second test will be provided by the organizer and carried out during the scrutineering in Jeddah.
🔴 External persons: the sanitary bubble will constitute an isolated ecosystem; no one from the outside will be allowed to access the bivouac during the whole duration of the rally and every contact with external public shall be avoided. All the hospitalities will be carried out outside of the bivouac;
🔴 Hotels & Restaurants: Participants must sleep and eat within the bivouac during the whole duration of the rally, including during the rest day. From the 3rd in the morning to the 15th in the morning, no accommodation in hotels will authorized.
🔴 Transfers between bivouacs: assistance vehicles driving from bivouac to bivouac must limit to the strict minimum their interactions with the local population and respect the sanitary rules at all times.

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