Walter Terblanche – About

Name: Walter Terblanche

Age: 38

City and Country of Residence: Mbabane, Swaziland 🇸🇿🇸🇿

Dakar 2022 Class: Rally 2

Race number: 087

Married: Yes

Spouse’s name: Christelle Terblanche

First Dakar?: No..

Previous Dakar’s? Provide year(s): 2017

In this space, please provide a short history of your racing career.: 2014 Amageza Rally, 2015 Libya Rally,  2016  Amageza Rally, 2016 Merzouga Rally, 2017 Dakar Rally, Merzouga Rally, 2017 West Coast Baja, 2017 Serres Rally

What made you want to do the Dakar?: Always wanted to take part in the Dakar as part of my childhood dream. But as an adult its the ultimate way of testing yourself and finding out what you are capable of mentally and physically

Why do the Dakar: Growing up a kid watching Dakar. Childhood dream to compete

Any significant achievements: To have competed in multiple international rallies

Your biggest inspiration: Want to be a good role model to my son Liam. To show him that goals can be set and achieved. To not give up when you don’t succeed the first time!!

Your biggest supporter(s): My family and close friends who always support in an encouraging way

My plan for Dakar 2022: Turn Unfinished Business to Finished Business

Brand of bike or car: KTM 450 Factory Replica

Who will be your support at Dakar 2022: BAS Dakar KTM Racing Team/V.D Velden Motoren