Stuart Gregory – About 2023


Name: Stuart Gregory

Age:   42

City and Country of Residence: Port Edward, South Africa 🇿🇦🇿🇦

Dakar 2023 Class: Originals by Motul

Race number: xxx

Married: Yes

Spouse’s name: Kirste Gregory

First Dakar? 4rd

Previous Dakars ? 2022, 2020, 2019 – DNF Number 100

My racing career:

2002 Started competitive racing. Completed 1st year of National Enduro.

 2003 KZN endure WFO clubman championship.

 2004 Entered 1st roof of Africa.

 2005 to 2018 Entered 12 Roof of Africa events.

 2012 International 6 day enduro (ISDE) Germany Bronze finish.

 2013 Red Bull Romanic’s Silver finished 38th

 2005 to 2017 competed in The National Enduro Series in South Africa.

 2013 Amageza Rally – 5-day rally finished 11th

 2014 Red Bull Sea to Sky in Turkey finished 32nd 

 2017 Red Bull Romanic’s Silver finish (41st)

 2017 KZN enduro Senior championship

 2018  Dakar VIP tour Peru with Kenny Gilbert and Ross Branch.

 2018 Merzouga 5 day Dakar Rally Qualifier

 2019  Peru  Dakar Rally  dnf

What made you want to do the Dakar? I live to ride and Dakar 2020 would be the ultimate challenge and pinnacle of my riding career.  To complete the Dakar Rally 2020, it’s been a lifelong dream to finish the toughest and longest off-road event in the world.  I would like to show that South Africans dreams are achievable through hard work, determination and support from your community, regardless of your background.

Highlights : Being on the start line of Dakar 2019

Lowlights: Not finishing Dakar 2019 due to Fesh fesh

Besides Dakar, anything else on the bucket list:   Silk Way Rally

Your biggest supporter(s): My wife and 2 daughters.

My plan for Dakar 2023:

Brand of bike: KTM 450 Rallye

Who will be your support at Dakar 2023: Original Class by Motul

Main sponsor: Motul, Fox, KTM Durban, Russel Stone Treasuries

Other sponsors? (Clothing, helmets – anything goes) : Fox

Promotional events planned before Dakar 2023: Golf Day and Fun Ride

What you will be doing for fitness, practice, seat time: I am doing all the National Enduros and WFO to get seat time, I am going to Dubai for some sand training (last year I went to Namibia) I am doing CrossFit and cycling to get fit.

Anything else of interest: Please go look at my Youtube video from Dakar 2019 – which got over 1 million views: Magazine – Suart Gregory – Stage 7 (San Juan de Marcona) – Dakar 201