Donovan van de Langenberg – About

Name: Donovan van de Langenberg

Age:    39

City and Country of Residence: Cape Town, South Africa

Dakar 2020 Class:  Originals (Malle Moto)

Race number:    125

Married:  Yes

Spouse’s name:  Janice

First Dakar?  No

Previous Dakars? 2018

Please provide a short history of your racing career.

Besides the odd fun ride on the weekend and the many adventures with my friends on the adventure bikes, my first official race on a motorcycle was the 2013 Amageza Rally.  Since then I have been competing in the local off roads, rallies and dessert races every year, never the fastest but always at the finish line.

What made you want to do the Dakar?

The pure adventure of navigating unknown territory over multiple days, and doing so against the clock…..

A childhood dream, a challenge, #mydaringadventure

Highlights – The start podium of Dakar 2018, a dream come true. Sharing my Dakar victory at the finish line with my wife, sister and friend in Cordoba.

Significant achievements – Dakar 2018 Finisher

Besides Dakar, anything else on the bucket list. After Dakar 2020 – my next challenge will be the Cape Epic MTB challenge for sure.

Your biggest inspiration – Joey Evens, after racing with Joey in the Amageza rallies and hearing his stories, his finish at Dakar 2017 gave me the guts to chase my own dream. Your biggest supporter(s) my kids, Kayla and  Dylan, wife Janice (I am her “DAKAR Droll”) friends

Your plan for Dakar 2020

Brand of bike. KTM 450 Rally

Who will be your support at Dakar 2020. I wish

Main sponsor? African Unity Life, LRJ Steel, and still looking for more

Other sponsors? Mira, Leatt, BestBikes, Spanjaard, Fuzion Digital, Advance Galvanizers, Sasolburg Scrap Metal,The Car warehouse, Nomad bike bags

Promotional events planned before Dakar 2020. Raffles, Golf day, branded clothing, “beg steel and borrow”

What you will be doing for fitness, practice, seat time. Currently I spend most of my available time on the MTB, I will up on swimming and rowing over the next few weeks together with strengthening my core. I will be riding my local sand pit (Atlantis) weekly to keep the throttle body operational. Hopefully I can still fit in a Dune trip to Namibia towards the end of the year.