Kirsten Landman – About

Name: Kirsten Landman

Age: 32

City and Country of Residence: Cape Town, South Africa 🇿🇦🇿🇦

Dakar 2024 Class: Originals by Motul

Race number: TBC

Married: Yes

Spouse’s name: Bryne

First Dakar?: No

Previous Dakar’s? Provide year(s): 2023 & 2020

In this space, please provide a short history of your racing career.:


Dakar Rally 2023, Saudi Arabia – Original By Motul “Malle Moto” Unnassisted class – P12 Original by Motul Class, P2 Women’s Trophy Class, P48 Rally 2 Class & P71 Overall

3rd Woman in Dakar history to finish the Original By Motul class.


Sea To Sky, Turkey – Silver Class Finish, 1st place Female.

Roof of Africa, Lesotho – 16th Overall Silver class, 1st place female.


Rally Du Maroc – 24th overall.


Dakar Rally – Saudi Arabia, 55th overall, 3rd place female Moto Pilot, 1st African Woman to Finish Dakar Rally


Merzouga Rally – Morocco, 29TH overall, 1st place female class

X-Race Namibia Extreme Enduro, 3rd place overall Gold Class, 1st place female

IMPI Hard Enduro, 22nd overall Gold class

Sea to Sky – Turkey, 30th 24th overall Gold Class, 1st place female finisher

Roof of Africa – Lesotho, 27th overall Gold Class, 1st place female finisher


X-Race Namibia, Expert Class, 2nd overall & 1st lady

Redbull Romaniacs, Bronze Class, 1st Lady and 15th overall

Sea to Sky, Turkey, Only lady to complete Gold Class, 1st lady and 31st overall

WildWood Rock, 1st lady and 6th overall

Roof of Africa Gold class Finisher, 25th overall and 1st place lady finisher


IMPI Gold class finisher in 25th overall & highest placed female finisher.

Powasol Timberland Extreme Enduro placed 14th overall in gold class & first lady finisher.

Redbull Romaniacs Silver Class finisher in 45th position overall & first lady finisher.

South African Overall Silver Class National Champion in a male dominated class.

Roof of Africa Gold class finisher in 33rd overall.


King of the Hill – Placed 28th overall in expert class. Made history being the first lady to ever finish expert class.

FIM Super Enduro World Series – Prague – Placed 4th in world championship.

Alfie Cox Redbull Invitational Extreme Enduro – Kirsten was the only female to compete,making it into the semi- final and ranked 15th amongst the best male extreme enduro riders in South Africa.

Redbull Romaniacs – Kirsten became the first Female in history to finish the race in silver Class & placed 48th overall. A truly outstanding acheivment.

Redbull Braveman – Placed 2nd in Silver class and only female to finish.

Redbull 111 Megawatt Poland – Kirsten placed 30th overall out of over 1000 entries and only female to qualify and finish.

Redbull Sea to Sky – Kirsten finished an incredible 24th position overall in Gold class, reaching the top of Mount Olympus, bettering her previous years position by over 30 positions.

South African National Enduro Championship – Kirsten raced a consistent season finishing on the podium at all rounds, but finished 2nd overall. This is the best Kirsten has done in all her years racing the National Enduros.

Roof Of Africa – This was Kirsten’s first attempt at Gold class, going out on a whim & no expectations, Kirsten made history again and became the first ever woman in the 49 year history of  the Roof Of Africa and finished the Gold class, completely unassisted.


Redbull Romaniacs – Kirsten attempted silver for the first time but due to complications, she didn’t manage to finish.

Redbull Sea to Sky – Placed 56th overall, becoming the only woman in history to ever finish a gold class at any extreme hard enduro event.

Redbull Braveman – Placed first overall in silver class (only riding against men).

Roof of Africa – Placed 32nd overall in the silver class and First Lady Finisher.

National Enduro Series – Placed 3rd overall in the mens silver class.


Redbull Romaniacs – 47th place in bronze class out of 160 bronze riders and first lady home.

Roof of Africa – 23rd in silver class and first placed female finisher unassisted.

National Enduro Championship – 4th place in silver class.

What made you want to do the Dakar?:  Growing up as a tomboy and always wanting to keep up with the boys, extreme sports and Motorsports was always destined as a lifestyle choice for Kirsten. So being brought up in a motorcycle family the bug bit at a very young age. Riding and racing are Kirsten’s passion and has become a lifestyle for her. The challenge of being a female rider competing against the boys in the tough terrains that they ride in is what she thrives on. Each ride, race or training session accomplished feels like an achievement on its own, every time.

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My plan for Dakar 2024:

Brand of bike or car: KTM 450 Rallye

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