Dakar 2022 Stages

🚩Jeddah – 🏁 Ha’il (SS-19km)

A taster of what to come as we begin to sort the competitors and where the top 15 from each category can choose, in reverse order, their starting position for the next day!

Stage 1
🚩Ha’il – 🏁 Ha’il (SS-334km)

The co-pilots will come to the fore with some immediate navigation difficulties as we explore the sandy, mountain landscapes of the north

Stage 2
🚩Ha’il – 🏁 Al Artawiyah (SS-339km)

The start of a marathon stage and the first dunes, what could be better?

Stage 3
🚩Al Artawiyah – 🏁 Al Qaisumah (SS-368km)

Despite it being a more flowing stage, the drivers will have to know how to manage their tire allowance as they navigate a lot of criss-crossing tracks.

Stage 4
🚩Al Qaisumah – 🏁 Riyadh (SS-465km)

The Dakar heads south towards the capital in a stage that encompasses both tracks and dunes as well as a rocky section near the finish.

Stage 5
🚩Riyadh – 🏁 Riyadh (SS-348km)

The competitors will head out east of Riyadh to rocky sections as well as a tough long dune part. It has everything to create some serious time differences.

Stage 6
🚩Riyadh – 🏁 Riyadh (SS- 421km)

To finish off the first week of the rally, the second loop of the capital sees the Dakar move out west into dunes that could help those who master them to make the difference on the fast piste in the final.

After a long six stages, it’s time for a rest day 😴

Stage 7
🚩Riyadh – 🏁 Al Dawadimi (SS-401km)

The competitors will get back into the swing of things after the rest day with a new region on the Dakar!

Stage 8
🚩Al Dawadimi – 🏁 Wadi Ad Dawasir (SS-394km)

Long liasions, lots of sand and winding routes: every competitor will have to be on the top of their game to navigate their way the changing landscapes.

Stage 9
🚩Wadi Ad Dawasir – 🏁 Wadi Ad Dawasir (SS-287km)

A Wadi loop will see navigation come to the fore once more, as will the durability of the vehicles!

Stage 10
🚩Wadi Ad Dawasir – 🏁 Bisha (SS-374km)

Wonderful varied landscapes and colours will characterise this high-speed stage that’ll require specific navigation knowledge.

Stage 11
🚩Bisha – 🏁 Bisha (SS-345km)

The penultimate stage will see duels in the dunes as the best of the Dakar competitors position themselves for the final day!

Stage 12
🚩Bisha – 🏁 Jeddah (SS-163km)

A final along the Red Sea and along the the Jeddah Corniche will provide the perfect backdrop to cap off Dakar 2022 and crown our champions

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