Dakar 2020 Stage 2

Al Wajh to Neom

Liaison – 26km ———- Special Stage – 367km

Stage 2 is set to be interesting, especially for the bikes and quads as this will be the first part of the Super Marathon Stage. Pilots will be nursing their wheels, while still pushing the race.

Marathon stages, where no overnight assistance from crews is allowed, have been part of Dakar and World Rallies events for some time now but this year’s event will feature the new “Super marathon” stage to level the field among Pros and Amateurs. 
Upon arrival at the Neom bivouac, where the second stage of the event finishes, bike and quad riders will only be allowed 10 minutes of mechanical repair time. Previous marathon stages have seen race management issues, particularly in terms of tyre and mousse wear, so this new rules will only add to that. 

For a full list of bikes starting today, and their start times, please click on the link below:

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